Waikīkī Steel Guitar Week

2022 Program

The 2022 Waikīkī Steel Guitar Week will feature Monday-Thursday 1-hour evening performances, the Japan-Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival on Friday, and the Waikīkī Steel Guitar Festival on Saturday. Also featured will be a vintage steel guitar exhibit and a hands-on experience for event guests to learn more about the Hawaiian steel guitar.


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Monday-Thursday Evening Concerts

5:30 PMNextGen Steel Guitarists (see below)
5:30 PMPaul Agar
5:30 PMGreg Sardinha and Po‘okela
5:30 PMAlan Akaka and The Islanders

Friday - Japan-Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival

The Japan-Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival will feature steel guitar artists and groups from Japan.

4:00 PMMatt Kobayashi
4:30 PMNoriko and Shuji Tomita
5:15 PMLion Ladies Steel Guitar Ensemble
5:45 PMKiyoshi "Lion" Kobayashi

Saturday - Waikīkī Steel Guitar Festival

The Saturday morning ho‘olaule‘a pageant will begin at 11:00 AM and the afternoon ho‘olaule‘a pageant will begin at 4:00 PM. Each program features different Hawaiian steel guitar masters presenting programs featuring Hawaiian music and hula. Emcee for both pageants is Kimo Kahoano, with hula provided by Kapuanani Greene.

Saturday AM
11:00 AMGreg Sardinha and Po‘okela
11:40 AMKapono Lopes
12:20 PMGeronimo "Geri" Valdriz
1:00 PMSteve Cheney
1:40 PMJeff Au Hoy
Saturday PM
4:00 PMPaul Agar
4:35 PMBobby Ingano
5:15 PMKiyoshi "Lion" Kobayashi
5:55 PMAlan Akaka and The Islanders

NextGen Steel Guitarists

Next Generation steel guiitar students of the Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i School of Hawaiian Music will perform for festival attendees' enjoyment.

The Festival Poster

2022 Waikīkī Steel Guitar Week Poster

The Waikīkī Steel Guitar Week poster was designed by Addison Ching and features pictures of the master performers superimposed on a facsimile of a Rickenbacher Bakelite steel guitar. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

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