Waikiki Steel Guitar Week

Gallery: 2022 Waikīkī Steel Guitar Week and Festival

This gallery contains pictures and links to select videos from the 2022 4th Annual Waikīkī Steel Guitar Week held in July 11-16, 2022. The event included nightly one-hour performances on Monday through Thursday, the 1st Annual Japan-Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival on Friday, and and the 12th Annual Waikīkī Steel Guitar Festival on Saturday.

Video Gallery

Photo Gallery

Monday - NextGen Steel Guitarists
Tuesday - Paul Agar
   Paul Agar
Wednesday - Greg Sardinha and Po‘okela
   Greg Sardinha and Po‘okela
Thursday - Alan Akaka and The Islanders
   Alan Akaka and The Islanders
Friday - Japan-Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival
   Japan-Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival 1
   Japan-Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival 2

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