Waikiki Steel Guitar Week

2015 Program

Event Schedule

The following musical performances are scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. on the Plaza Stage:

3:00-3:25 p.m.     Greg Sardinha
3:30-3:55 p.m.     Mark Prucha
4:00-4:25 p.m.     Jeff Au Hoy
4:30-5:10 p.m.     Ho'oulu Cabrinha
5:15-5:40 p.m.     Ke Kula Mele Next Gen Students and Ensemble
5:45-6:10 p.m.     Bobby Ingano Trio
6:15-6:35 p.m.     Alan Akaka with The Islanders
6:40-7:00 p.m.     "Jam session" - group performance with all musicians

Featured Steel Guitarists

Alan Akaka
Alan Akaka

Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame inductee Alan Akaka has created his own sound and style through the inspiration of legendary steel guitarists like David Rogers, Benny Rogers, Jules Ah See, Billy Hew Len, David Keli'i, Jake Keli'ikoa, and his teacher Jerry Byrd.

He has recorded with Genoa Keawe, Benny Kalama, Sonny Kamahele, Jerry Byrd, Barney Isaacs, Nina Keali'iwahamana, Karen Keawehawai'i, Gary Aiko, Owana Salazar and Kuana Torres Kahele as well as with Hawaiian music bands from around the world.

His venues include Waikiki's top hotels such as the Halekulani's House Without A Key, Waikiki Beachcomber, Outrigger Main, Outrigger Reef, New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel and Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki Sheraton and the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa.

Akaka finds joy in sharing Hawaiian music and culture with his audience. He travels throughout the world as an entertainer and a guest artist perpetuating Hawaiian music while stirring renewed interest in the unique, lilting sound of the steel guitar.

With a Masters of Education degree and more than 30 years of teaching in the schools, Akaka launched Hawaiian music education programs around the State of Hawai'i and coordinated performances that generated more interest and brought much exposure to the Hawaiian steel guitar. In 2009, Akaka established Ke Kula Mele Hawaii, a school of Hawaiian music where creative and musical ideas can be developed, shaped, nurtured, and shared.

Akaka produces the Maui Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival, an annual 3-day event featuring school visits, educational and cultural workshops and steel guitar performances by a variety of amateur and professional players.

Jeff Au Hoy
Jeff Au Hoy

Largely self-taught, Au Hoy has mentored under the likes of local steel guitarist Bobby Ingano and brings an "old soul" feeling when he plays his "Frypan." His playing style reflects those of steel legends David Kelii, Billy Hew Len, Pua Almeida, and Benny Rogers. Jeff has recorded with the Brothers Cazimero, Jeff Teves Quartette, Pueo Pata, Aaron Sala and others. In 2004 he received a call to perform at Carnegie Hall with the cast of the Hawaii Calls show. Currently he performs with Cyril Pahinui at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach hotel. Although Jeff is a trained pianist and can play in a number of genres, his interest lies primarily in Hawaiian music of the 1940s and 50s.

Ho'oulu Cabrinha
Ho'oulu Cabrinha

The great-great-great grand nephew of Joseph Kekuku, inventor of the steel guitar, Ho'oulu has preserved his family's legacy as a steel guitarist. Active in the perpetuation of the Hawaiian steel guitar, Ho'oulu has taught steel guitar classes to elementary school students in Laie and has performed at the shows at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Ho'oulu also appeared in a 2011 Legends of Steel Guitar program as the representative for honoree Joseph Kekuku.

Bobby Ingano
Bobby Ingano

A protégé of the famous steel guitarist David "Feet" Rogers (Sons of Hawaii), Bobby Ingano learned from Rogers his gentle style of guitar and humble philosophy of life. His style of lap steel guitar is melodic, understated, and distinctly Hawaiian. In high school, Bobby became immersed in playing the "blues" and joined a band. When he was 18, he met a man who was one of the most notably influential people in his life — David "Feet" Rogers, original slide steel player of the renowned Sons of Hawaii. Feet instilled in Bobby the importance of playing with discipline and love. It is this wisdom that Bobby now shares with young steel guitar players and other young musicians. Now a highly sought after studio musician, Bobby can occasionally be seen touring on the mainland or Japan with the biggest names in Hawaiian music.

Mark Prucha
Mark Prucha

Living in Illinois hasn't proved a barrier for this musician to learn and become proficient in the Hawaiian Steel Guitar. For almost 4 years, he has been taking lessons via Skype from teacher and mentor Alan Akaka. His biggest influences are steel guitar legends such as Jerry Byrd, Jules Ah See, Sol Ho'opi'i, and his teacher, Alan Akaka. Mark currently collaborates with Akaka to write music for steel guitar.

Mark is currently a college student and a director for the Aloha International Steel Guitar Club, an organization based out of Winchester, Indiana. Mark performs appears as a solo steel guitarist and also performs with Hoapili, a Hawaiian band from the Chicago area.

Greg Sardinha
Greg Sardinha

Greg Sardinha has the reputation as the steel guitar player who has the ability to present old Hawaii with a contemporary twist. After years of playing in the background for many of Hawaii's recording artists, Sardinha released his first solo album in 2006 entitled HAWAIIAN STEEL VOL 4 - Artistry of Greg Sardinha. The album reflects his artistry and versatility with the ukulele, guitar and Hawaiian steel guitar and creates a feel of unusual textures and interplay between all the instruments. He has showcased his Hawaiian steel guitar talent performing locally in Hawaii and on the mainland. Sardinha has recorded with many local, national and international artists including Ipo Kumukahi, Sean Na'auao, Cyril Pahinui Band, Hawaiian Style Band, Kalapana, Na Leo, Darrin Benitez, Karen Keawehawai'i, Cecilio and Kapono, Tim Coffman, Jim Messina, Renn Loa, and Richard Cheese Band and others. Sardinha has 6 "HAWAIIAN STEEL" CDs in collaboration with recording artists Alan Akaka, Casey Olsen, Bobby Ingano, Paul Kim, Duke Ching and others. Sardinha recently released "Stainless—Steel Guitar Stylings of Greg Sardinha", his second solo CD, which was awarded the 2014 Na Hoku Hanohano Instrumental Album of the Year.

Alan Akaka and The Islanders

Kaipo Asing
Kaipo Asing (Guitar)

Highly regarded for his creative vocal style and keen harmony, Kaipo's musical ideas deliver an invigorating quality to The Islanders' sound. No matter whether he plays an instrument or sings in full chest voice or high falsetto, Kaipo performs with style.

Gary Aiko
Gary Aiko (Bass)

Known for his deep, velvety voice Gary has become famous for his renditions of Hawai'i's love songs. Son of legendary Hawaiian singer Genoa Keawe, he is hardly a newcomer to the music scene. Gary has performed with the Hawai'i Calls show and throughout the world. He is the lead male singer of the Royal Hawaiian Band and also performs with his family, the Keawe 'Ohana, at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa. His recently-released CD, "Poina 'Ole 'Ia" was among the top 20 best-selling CDs in Hawaii for 2012 (mele.com).

Ke Kula Mele Hawaii Next Gen Steel Guitarists

At Ke Kula Mele Hawaii, apprentices of all ages are learning the art of the Hawaiian steel guitar from one of the instrument's legends, Alan Akaka. Click here for more info.

The Festival Poster

2015 Waikiki Steel Guitar Festival Poster

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